African Shorts

Sat 25 Oct at 5.45pm

1h49m | Various formats | 15

AiM 2008 is hosting a short film competition for emerging African filmmakers. In this programme, we are proud to present the eight films which were shortlisted for the final stage of the competition. The films span fiction and documentary genres: a magic realist tale from Tunisia; a Moroccan story of childhood nostalgia; a dramatic short from Egypt; an edgy tale about two gangsters set in the high-octane Nigerian metropolis Lagos; a heart-warming love story from Mozambique; and three films from South Africa: a stylistically experimental documentary on anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko; an innovative stop motion animation short; and a fascinating documentary on two lovers and community activists in the Cape.

The winner of the short film competition will be announced directly after the screenings by jury member and acclaimed filmmaker Gaston Kaboré. The winning filmmaker will receive £1,000 prize money to assist them in their filmmaking career and there will also be an Audience Choice Award, to be announced at the end of the festival.

The AiM short film competition is kindly sponsored by the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA); Southern Africa Direct; and Total Black TV.

The eight films are:


Diek Grobler | South Africa 2007 | 7m | Afrikaans | Stop-motion animation

Area Boys

Area Boys

Omelihu Nwanguma | Nigeria/UK 2007 | 25m | English | Fiction

Biko's Children

Vuyisa Breeze Yoko | South Africa 2007 | 14m | English | Experimental documentary

I Love You

Rogério Manjate | Mozambique 2007 | 3m | No dialogue | Fiction

Magic Crop

Anis Lassoued | Tunisia 2006 | 18m | Arabic with English subtitles

Red & Blue

Pam & Ashraf

Robyn Rorke | South Africa 2007 | 15m | English and Afrikaans with English subtitles | Documentary

Red & Blue

Mahmood Soliman | Egypt 2007 | 12m | Arabic with English subtitles | Fiction

Sellam and Demetan

Mohamed Amin | Morocco 2008 | 15m | Berber with English subtitles | Fiction

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