As Old As My Tongue: The Myth and Life of Bi Kidude

Tue 28 Oct at 6.00pm

Andy Jones | UK/Tanzania 2007 | 1h6m | BetaSP | Swahili with English subtitles | 15 | Documentary

Winner of multiple awards at international film festivals, As Old As My Tongue is an intimate portrait of living legend Bi Kidude, probably the oldest singer on the world stage today.

Her home island of Zanzibar has long been a meeting point for black African and Arabic influence, finding its most potent expression in the island's music. Bi Kidude beguiles audiences wherever she travels but domestically she continually courts controversy, her behaviour challenging perceptions of the role of women in a Muslim society.

As Old As My Tongue reveals the dramatic contrasts in the life of this iconic musician and features a classic soundtrack spanning one hundred years of Swahili music.

Director Andy Jones will be in attendance to talk to the audience after the screening. Acclaimed London-based Ghanaian DJ, Rita Ray , who worked on As Old As My Tongue as a producer and interviewer, will also be present. Rita Ray is performing a DJ set at the Bongo Club (37 Holyrood Road), accompanied by MC Sweet-E from hip-hop band NorthernXposure and Senegalese musician Samba Sene and his band Diwan, on Tuesday 28th Oct from 9.30pm-1.00am (see Afro-Scottish Club Night for full details).

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