Bleeding Rose

Thu 30 Oct at 6.00pm

Chucks Mordi and Kingsley Kerry | Nigeria/UK 2007 | 1h22m | DVD | English | 15

Ignoring all warnings, Prof Eugene goes ahead with his research project in search of a plant, Bryophyte, believed to be found in a humid virgin forest in the tropics. This, he claims, could hold the answer to a pharmaceutical quest for a new healing balm. Dispatching five of his top botany students to the forest of Agbabiaka, he basks in the euphoria of their anticipated success.

Out in the forest, love is kindled, villages are unsettled, mysteries are unveiled, death is triggered, war looms and back at the university Prof Eugene loses his sanity.

Winner of the Best Nigerian Feature Film at the 2007 Lagos International Film Festival, Bleeding Rose is quintessential low-budget Nollywood, and part of AiM's focus on popular African cinema. Director Chucks Mordi will be in attendance to talk to the audience after the screening.

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