Bongoland II: There is no place like home

Thu 30 Oct at 8.15pm

Josiah Kibira | Tanzania 2008 | 1h40m | Digibeta | Swahili with English subtitles | 15

In his first film Bongoland (2003), Josiah Kibira related the misadventures of Juma, a Tanzanian immigrant in Minnesota. In this stand-alone sequel, Juma returns to Tanzania (aka Bongoland) to manage a company. His American-style ideas about efficiency and motivation meet with a less than enthusiastic response, and, when his mother's visit produces some jaw-dropping revelations, he discovers that his relationship to his homeland has become even more tenuous.

Part of AiM's focus on popular African cinema from underrepresented regions, Bongoland II has a sharp, angry satire and presents a very rare opportunity to see a Swahili film.

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