Conversations on a Sunday Afternoon

Wed 29 Oct at 6.00pm

Khalo Matabane | South Africa 2005 | 1h20m |BetaSP | French, English, Swahili and Zulu with English subtitles | 15

South African filmmaker Khalo Matabane mixes fiction and documentary in this emotive interrogation of contemporary South African society.

Set in Johannesburg, the film is told from the perspective of a journalist searching for a woman, a shy and lonely Somali refugee called Fatima, whom he met one day in a park. His search results in encounters with many (actual) refugees and immigrants who have fled war, discrimination and poverty in their home countries - from Yugoslavia, South Korea, Ethiopia, the Congo...

What emerges is a moving portrait of the multifaceted nature of the new South Africa, and a thoughtful interrogation of the looming potential for social and humanitarian crises caused by the influx of new immigrants into the country, a warning which, sadly, proved prophetic in the light of recent events in South Africa.

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