88 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9BZ
Box Office: 0131 228 2688


AiM Director

Lizelle Bisschoff
Email: lizelle "at" africa-in-motion.org.uk

AiM Staff and Volunteers

  • Robert Cannon - Website implementation
  • Jamie Chambers - Public Relations
  • Kirsty Dickson - Press Officer
  • Mariza Dima - Website design
  • Claire Hall - Opening event organisation
  • Dan Hammett - Film selections
  • Michal Hefer - Graphic design
  • Mara Menzies - Storytelling and animation events
  • Eunice Olumide - Public Relations
  • Clare Rossouw - Partnership development, film selections
  • Kari Ann Shiff - Film selections, guests hospitality
  • Melissa Trachtenberg - Founding co-director (2006) and festival consultant
  • Alba Valle - Administrative assistant
  • Stefanie Van de Peer - Sponsorship, film selections, book stall
  • Jen Wood - Music events organisation
  • Leo Wood - Press Officer, partnership development, sponsorship

AiM Board of Advisors

  • Mark Cousins - Film critic, writer and producer
  • Andrew Lawrence - Senior lecturer in African Politics at the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh
  • Noe Mendelle - Head of Film and TV at the Edinburgh College of Art and Director of the Scottish Documentary Institute
  • David Murphy - Senior lecturer at the University of Stirling and a leading scholar on African film
  • Paul Nugent - Professor of Comparative African History and Director of the Centre of African Studies at the University of Edinburgh

Further thanks

Thank you to everyone at Filmhouse Cinema.

Huge thanks to Rod White from Filmhouse Cinema who handled all the scheduling and was very accommodating to all our various and ongoing requests; James Rice from Filmhouse Cinema, who organised the touring programme and print traffic and did everything brilliantly; Paula Callus who assisted with the animation screenings; Trevor Steele Taylor who assisted with the late-night screenings; and Moragh Reid who assisted with the Bushmen screenings and organised the accompanying discussion and exhibition - it was a joy and privilege to work with all of you!

Further thanks to Barbara Bompani, Alastair and Nasim Christie, Michael and Mariem Freudenberg, Sonja Henrici, Bill Marshall, Hannah McGill, Kamran Rastegar, Sambrooke Scott, Samba Sene and James Smith for supporting AiM in various ways.

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