Buud Yam

Sat 25 Oct at 8.20pm

Gaston Kaboré | Burkina Faso 1997 | 1h37m | DVD | Moré with English subtitles | PG

Acclaimed Burkinabe filmmaker Gaston Kaboré revisits the characters from his 1982 debut Wend Kuuni (screened at 1.00pm on Sat 25 Oct) in this dramatic tale with fantastical elements. Wend Kuuni was the son of a sorceress who was raised by foster parents and grew up to become a respected citizen in his village. But one day his sister falls ill, and many of his neighbours are convinced Wend's heritage in sorcery is to blame. Wend sets forth on a long and eventful journey to find a traditional healer who can restore his sister to health, leading him to confront his own inner being.

Set in the haunting landscapes of Burkina Faso, Buud Yam won the grand prize at the 1997 FESPACO film festival.

Director Gaston Kaboré will be in attendance to talk to the audience after the screening.

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