Voices of the Bushmen - Two documentaries

AiM is pleased to present a spotlight on the Bushmen of Southern Africa. As part of this focus, there will be an exhibition of Bushmen art work and jewellery in the Filmhouse café as well as an exciting cinematic programme. The screenings of Bushman's Secret and Legends of the Bushmen will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Moragh Reid, Director of Positive Help, with panel members Ginger Mauney, a wildlife photographer and filmmaker and director of Legends of the Bushmen; Alan Barnard, Professor of Anthropology of Southern Africa at the University of Edinburgh and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Namibia for Scotland; and Sue Armstrong, a freelance writer and broadcaster who has written numerous articles and made feature programmes for BBC radio about the Bushmen.

The Bushmen focus has been organised in partnership with Positive Help, an Edinburgh-based HIV charity which helped establish a healthcare clinic in the Omaheke region of Namibia, working to ensure the Bushmen had access to health care and support.

Legends of the Bushmen

Screened with Bushman's Secret on Sat 1 Nov at 6.00pm

Ginger Mauney | Namibia 1997 | 46m | BetaSP | Ju'Hoan and English with English subtitles | PG

Legends of the Bushmen combines wildlife filmmaking with the unique stories of Namibia's indigenous people, the Bushmen. As the film's producer, wildlife cinematographer and on-camera narrator, Ginger Mauney uses a blend of natural history filmmaking and traditional storytelling to explore the unique connection the Bushmen maintain with wild animals as told through their legends. The trust that the filmmaker establishes with the Bushmen resonates in the footage and honours what is fundamental in their lives.

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